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My training began with Yin Yoga, and progressed into Myofascial release (MyoYin) and TCM. I love  Yin so much despite also having my 200hr YTT in Hatha and Vinyasa. Four Yin courses later and I can safely say I'm addicted.

YIN YOGA - what is it?

The postures are simple and static, we apply considerable amounts of healthy stress onto the ligaments, joints, fascia and connective tissues. The aim is to switch off the muscles and open up the body gently. We hold still supported by the blocks and bolsters. Nothing in Yin is exciting to look at, there are no big tricks or photo worthy acrobatics, and it's common to practise in low lighting or candle light for added relaxation.

Yin Yoga is for everybody, all levels. There are options to adapt and adjust all poses.


You can expect to feel relaxed and physically open.

YIN YOGA MASSAGE - how is it different to Yin?

Working with myofascial release techniques and using the same energy pathways referred to in TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) we apply acupressure onto the specific trigger points with blocks and massage therapy balls whilst holding the Yin poses. It's deeply relaxing and a wonderful way to release physical tension in the body. My training as a masseuse has added an extra dimension of body awareness to my teaching.

My Approach

As a dancer I was never fascinated by becoming flexible, I just wanted to feel comfortable and without restriction. I was always aware of minor differences between one side and the other. Our bodies are not symmetrical, however most of the time the focus and pressure placed upon a dancer is the be the same as everyone else.


When I discovered Yin yoga I felt relieved to find a style of yoga that was incredibly personal.

There are no ideals for an aesthetic outcome in Yin. The rule as taught by my coach Bernie Clark, "If you feel it you're doing it' and 'no pain, no pain' were huge selling points for me. The intelligent study of anatomy behind Yin also takes away the pressure to look a certain way. 

I'm highly aware of the importance of working your own range of motion and have huge compassion for this when I teach. 

As a hypnotherapist I love the trance like state that often comes with Yin yoga. My classes are slow and very carefully planned. I allow enough time to switch off whilst also adding useful bits of educational anatomy and wisdom from Chinese medicine.

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My Approach
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